Law firm Van Pijkeren & Van Aken Advocaten in Zierikzee

Van Pijkeren & Van Aken Advocaten is a law-firm situated in Zierikzee, Schouwen-Duiveland in the beautiful province of Zeeland. Our office has a longstanding tradition of helping people in various matters regarding familylaw, migrationlaw, administrative law, criminal law, labourlaw etc. 
If you have a problem you can call us to make an appointment. An intake-meeting is free of charge and without obligations. We aim to be approachable for all people and for all matters. 
In an intake-meeting we will make a first analysis of your problem and give you advice how this particular problem could be solved, whether in negotiations or in a trial by court. Of course like any other lawfirm we are bound to the code of conduct for lawyers and therefore bound by the code of confidentiality. 

If the legal interests in your case lie in The Netherlands and you have a low income we can apply for a governments compensation of the costs involved. 

If you have a case, please contact us. Our friendly office-staff is used to communicate in english.